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Nordman Profile Ltd (In Voluntary Liquidation)

By Order of Mr. Aengus Burns, Grant Thornton, Liquidator of Nordman Profile Ltd (In Vol Liq), E-Auctions are conducting a Tender Sale of Steel Framing and Sheet Profiling Equipment at 12pm Wed 13 Sept 2017. Full details now available.

Harrys Bar - Wed 6 Sept 2017

On the instructions of the Receiver of Specified Assets of Henry A Crosbie (In Receivership), E-Auctions are conducting a Tender Sale of Bar Equipment from Harrys Bar, Point Village at 12pm Wed 6 Sept 2017.

Barrys Bakery Ltd (In Voluntary Liquidation)

On the instructions of the Liquidator of Barry's Bakery Ltd (In Voluntary Liquidation), E-Auctions are conducting a Tender Sale of Bakery Equipment at 12pm Thursday 25 May 2017. All assets are now sold.

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